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Help us bring back the authentic taste of The Original Moscow Mule. This only happens when you drink your mules from your very own 100% solid Copper mug.
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Why No Other Mug Compares to the Moscow Copper Co.
There are thousands of drinking vessels to choose from on the market. Here’s why the original copper mug from the Moscow Copper Co. is the best mug and the only mug you should chose when enjoying your Moscow Mules.

  • AUTHENTICITY:  We haven’t changed Sophie Berezinski’s (the inventor back in 1941 and my grandma) mug design which enhances the flavor and aroma of a beverage while also keeping it cold.
  • FLAVOR: The tangy flavor of an original moscow mule can only be achieved when the carbonation and spice of the ginger beer meet the citrus from the lime inside the copper mug.
  • QUALITY: An authentic mug from the Moscow Copper Co. can last a lifetime when properly cared for. Cheaply made mugs and drinking glasses you’ve been accustomed to seeing when ordering mules at your local bar will tend to chip, peel, and deteriorate because they are often times copper plated and lined with tin or nickel.)
Grab your FREE Moscow Copper Mug and Help us on Our Journey to Bring Authenticity, Boldness, and Flavor Back Into the Moscow Mule Experience.
We believe that you deserve the best mule experience possible and also the way Sophie intended the cocktail to be enjoyed.

That’s why we’re on a mission to bring authenticity back to the moscow mule experience as we give away our genuine Moscow Copper mugs to mule lovers around the globe. Become part of the movement when you claim your FREE mug today. 

Why Moscow Copper Mugs Provide the Best Drinking Experience Ever…
In 1941, Sophie Berezinski invented the Original Moscow Mule mug. To this day, our mugs are still crafted according to Sophie’s original design.

The reason: Sophie’s copper mug design enables traditional Moscow Mule Ingredients--like ginger beer, vodka, and lime juice--to react to the properties of the copper mug, giving the drink a cold, bold, and refreshing flavor that’s unique to the original mule. 

Due to the unique scientific properties of our copper mug, there’s no way to replicate the taste of an original mule when drinking out of a glass or nickel/tin lined mug. If you want the real deal, you’ve got to claim your free copper mug. 

This complete copper mug gift set normally sell for $44.00, but we’re giving a select number of mugs away for FREE--all we ask is that you cover the shipping & handling cost of $12.95.
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